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Hanlin's visit on Korea

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From May 9th to 11th, IACVA President William Hanlin visited KVA to discuss cooperation with IACVA. 
On May 9th, Mr. Hanlin visited the city of Daejeon, the birthplace of KVA. There, he met with Dr. Seol, Society Honorary Chairman of KVA, Dr.Lee from the University of Science and Technology, and Mr. Park, president of the Daejoen chapter of KVA. Mr. Hanlin delivered a speech on Global Trends and Future of Valuation, upon which the attendees expressed favorable opinions.
On May 10th, Mr. Hanlin visited the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI), and had a warm discussion with the KISTI members about recent valuation trends.
This year, KVA has launched three training sessions for CVA candidates. During this trip, Mr. Hanlin also went to the location of the Korean CVA training, and gave his warmest greetings to the trainees.  So far, KVA has established five branch offices to build-up a network.

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