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IACVS 11th World Council Meeting - Dubai

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IACVS 11th World Council Meeting

World Council of Charter and Chapters

Dubai UAE

October 21, 2018

IACVS held our eleventh World Council Meeting on October 21, 2018, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Delegates attended from many countries, including China, Canada, Middles East, Southeast Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, India and USA.  HQ was represented by Bill Hanlin, Bob Brackett, and Lisa Gao.
The day was filled with much discussion and sharing.  We welcomed the newest Charter Member from Southeast Africa.  This new member is also offering the first accredited Master’s Degree in Business Valuation.  The course is entirely on-line.  In addition to receiving a Master’s Degree, graduates are also conferred the ICVS – International Certified Valuation Specialist credential.
The primary discussion surrounded the topic of education, core training and continuing education.  Michael Badham presented to the delegates the course offerings provided by iiBV (a new member of IACVS since the last WCM).  iiBv’s advanced courses are in the process of being completed for on-line use in either classrooms or individual settings.  Michael expects most of the offerings to be ready by the end of 2018, early 2019.  These courses will provide BV professionals with opportunities to learn advanced technics and practices, but will also provide an easy method to fulfill the IACVS continuing education requirements.
Of great importance to all IACVS members is moving our core training program to an on-line platform.  The charter leaders, included members of academia, impressed upon the Council delegates that new (young) professionals are demanding an opportunity for professional education accessable through a laptop computer at convenient times.  There are numerous professional organizations that have already accomplished this change of platform.  (IACVS created an on-line venue for core training several years ago, but has apparently not properly promoted it). 
Based upon the various opinions of the delegates and especially those involved in higher education, IACVS will make it a priority to update the on-line version of the present core training materials by early 2019.  The written materials were updated and released in early 2018. This effort will also include a practice examination for the ICVS credential to assist candidates with their study efforts. 
The WCM was graced by a visit from Nick Talbot, Executive Director of IVSC.  The IVSC annual general meeting was held over the next three days in Dubai, and included delegates from more than 35 countries and addressed issues concerning the global valuation and appraisal professions.
We are seeking interest from our Charters/Chapters to host the 12th World Council Meeting (in 2019).  It would be ideal to hold the WCM when the Charter/Chapters holds their own Valuation Conference.  Past WCMs have been held in Frankfurt, Seoul, Taipei, Xi’an, Beijing, Chicago, Malaysia and Dubai.
Thank you for attending!
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