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Past Events for 2010

2011-04-09    IACVA Hits:  

After months of preparation, IACVA's Second International Conference was successfully held on December 2nd and 3rd in Seoul, Korea.  More than 200 attendees from around the world came to this conference.  IACVA’s Third World Council Meeting was held on the following day.  Representatives from charters shared developments from their countries.

In September of 2010, two of the directors from IACVA (William Hanlin and James Horvatch) were invited to attend the Fourth Annual Member's Conference by China Appraisal Society (CAS).  At the follow-on standards meeting jointly held by the Ministry of Finance and CAS, Mr. Hanlin was presented with the honor of the Advisory Member for country's valuation standard committee.

In August of 2010, IACVA headquarters hosted a group of senior valuators from China.  These valuators are chief valuator or senior managers from the major valuation firms. They spent 4 days with IACVA instructors on the newest development in the valuation theory and practices.

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