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The Global View of Valuation Industry

2011-06-29    IACVA Hits:  

The opportunities and challenges from the International Accounting Standards

On May 31st 2011, a symposium named “The Global View of Valuation Industry” was held by IACVA and Visionaire Advisors Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, China.

During the seminar, Bill Hanlin (president of IACVA), Susan Yi (VP of IACVA- Asia), Ms Jennifer Chen (Taiwan Charter of IACVA) and Mr. Simon Chen (Regional Director of Jones Lang LaSalle Sallmanns), all gave an impressive presentations.  The topics included: the impact of IFRS on valuation industry, the practice development of CVAs, the chances of professional service for international firms, the loopholes of overseas investment.

The president of Visionaire Advisors said, “These three topics are timely: Chinese companies have come to an international merger stage, the international version of China stock market is being looked forward to. It has been almost one hundred years that valuation developed overseas.  And it has been 20 years since the first IAS (International Accounting Standards) was published.  Therefore, it is meaningful to hold such an international conference at this time.”
Over 40 professionals attended this symposium, many from the big 4 accounting firms & businesses with international investments. A representative from Shanghai SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission) also participated.

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